How to ‘start’ an E-Scooter?

First time on an E-Scooter? Just follow the simple steps below and we’ll have you moving in no time!

  • Firstly make sure the Scooter is fully charged and you have checked the tyre pressure to ensure its inflated to 36 PSI.
  • Next find a quiet, safe and paved space and turn on your Pure Electric E-Scooter by pressing the power swich located on your dashboard.
  • Finally, put one foot on the product and, using the other foot, push off the ground to gains some forward momentum.
  • Once rolling forward, make sure both feet are planted safely on the E-Scooter and gently push the accelerator. The harder you depress the accelerator the faster you will move.

If the accelerator doesn’t kick in, it means you didn’t get enough forward momentum - Try again but push off harder from the ground to increase forward momentum.

Finally… enjoy the freedom and fun of riding your first E-Scooter

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