My battery doesn’t last long / short range

Just like electric cars, electric scooter range can be affected by many different factors.

For example, electric cars have a maximum range but going up steep hills, adding more weight / passengers or driving fast will all contribute to faster battery usage and therefore a reduction in the true range achieved.

The same applies to E-Scooters, the key factors that will impact the range you achieve are:

  • The model you bought (Typically E-Scooters higher up the range have greater battery capacity and longer range)
  • The average speed you ride at (‘Normal / Eco mode’ will have a greater range than the ‘Performance’ drive setting)
  • Weight of the rider (A 70KG rider requires less energy to move than a 120KG rider)
  • Whether you are riding up-hills vs riding on level surfaces
  • Your tyre pressure (Tyres below the optimal 36PSI cause more drag when moving and can reduce range vs fully inflated tyres)
  • The temperature (Just like electric cars and mobile phones, batteries perform optimally in warm weather. Battery performance will be lower during the colder winter months)
  • The terrain you ride on (Smooth surfaces have less friction)

Pure E-Scooter range claims are based upon standard testing regulations with a 75KG rider at 25 degrees Celsius  on a stable surface.

The most common cause for an E-Scooter to under-perform is having underinflated tyres causing the scooter to work much harder, which will inevitably cause your battery to drain faster. The tyres should be pumped to 36PSI, we recommend completing this as a first step to extend your range.

Being in Eco mode will also have an positive impact on the scooter’s performance. To switch through the modes, simply double tap the power button. You should then notice a difference.

We’d also advise charging your scooter to full capacity before any journey. This will be shown when the indicator on your charging unit turns green.

Additional information for Air3 and Pure Advance owners

Your E-Scooter is dispatched with the battery in a hibernation mode to give it maximum protection.

In order to fully “wake it”, the scooter should ideally be fully discharged and then recharged to 100%. You only need to do this once.

Looking for further support?

If the above tips haven’t helped, please contact our customer team at with your order number (it will look like PS12345) and the details of the issue you’re experiencing and we’ll be in touch to get the problem resolved.

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