Battery gauge drops fast

The battery gauge on Pure Electric E-Scooters displays estimated battery remaining based on how hard the battery is working at that time.

For example, if the e-scooter is running for prolonged periods, at high speed, up hills or at colder temperatures, you’re likely to see the battery cells drop quickly. Once the battery has been rested, the cells will start to increase again.

Rest assured, as long as the e-scooter has been fully charged (where the light indicator on your charging unit has gone green) your e-scooter will continue to power to its full range.

The most common cause for an E-Scooter to under-perform is having underinflated tyres causing the scooter to work much harder, which will inevitably cause your battery to drain faster. The tyres should be pumped to 36PSI, we recommend completing this as a first step to extend your range.

For more information on the factors that can effect range and tips to improve your battery performance can be found here.

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