Air3 Model Selection in App

We are in the process of updating the Pure Electric App to feature the new Air3 models, however until this update has taken place, it is not possible to choose your Air3 model in the app.

You can still use the App by choosing another product as a substitute from the options, as follows:

  • Pure Air3 – Select model “Pure Air”
  • Pure Air3 Pro – Select model “Pure Air Pro”
  • Pure Air3 Pro+ - Select model “Pure Advance+”

This will make sure that the range element of the app works correctly for your product.

Note: The setup/ride guide displayed (at the end of the registration process and in the help section) will be from the product you selected rather than the Air3 model you own.

The team are working hard to add the new models and we expect them to be available by the middle of April, after which date you can change the scooter model in the App to feature the correct product.

If you need any assistance or have any questions, please contact the customer team at

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