Electric scooter does not turn on

Please ensure you have fully charged your e-scooter before you attempt to use it. The light on your charger will turn from red to green once the e-scooter is ready to use.

To turn the e-scooter on you will need to hold the on/off button for three seconds. Many e-scooters come with a safety feature where they won’t start from a standstill. This is to stop you from accidentally hitting the throttle and the e-scooter potentially shooting out from under you.

When you're ready to use the e-scooter, to get the motor to work you need to kick off and be moving at a slow walking pace. A single firm push should be enough: simply press throttle and the motor will kick in.

Scooter still not turning on?

If you have followed the steps above and the e-scooter does not turn on, please use our ‘Rebound’ returns system to arrange a return to our workshop via the following link: Rebound Returns Portal.

This will take you through the necessary steps to generate a returns label and send this back to us.

When entering your order number, please make sure that you include the #PS at the beginning as without this, you will not be able to generate your postage label. 

Please leave details in the comments section specifying the issue. Once all of these details are added and the process is complete please drop your e-scooter off at your nearest post office at a time convenient to yourself.

As soon as we receive your e-scooter back to our depot, our technicians will fully assess the e-scooter and resolve this for you. 

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