How to change between MPH and KM/H on the Pure e-scooter.

Pure Air Pro (Gen 1)
In answer to your question, to switch between Kmh to Mph on your Pure Air Pro, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

Go to your display unit and press the top and bottom button together to enter the menu (light button and change mode button)

*Press the middle button (ON/OFF) to change modes until you see PO2 displayed on the screen
*Press the middle button to toggle between MPH/KPH
*Press the top and bottom buttons together to exit the menu
*Power down the scooter and turn it back on again to make sure these settings have taken effect.

Pure Scooters - All Gen 2

In answer to your question, you can switch between Km/h and Mph via our handy new app.

Simply download the Pure Electric app from the App or Play store, and connect to your scooter. Once you’ve done this, go into “Profile” within the top left hand menu and select “Change unit”. This will present you the option to switch between kilometers or miles.

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