Are punctures covered under warranty?

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Unfortunately all tyres (including those filled with puncture prevention fluid) are subject to wear and tear from factors beyond our control, such as surface conditions, the pressure you inflate them to, and how far they've been ridden. That’s why punctures and flats are not covered by returns or warranty as they are designed to be replaceable.

Just in the same way a bike punctures or car tyre punctures are able to be fixed by the owner, electric scooters are designed to be maintained by riders with simple fixes and replacement of high wear parts such as tyres and inner tubes.

Looking to fix a front or rear wheel puncture?
We're on hand to help with our simple and easy online puncture repair videos. Find the video you need (depending on if its a front or rear tyre puncture) here.

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How do I avoid punctures in future?

One of the best things you can do is regularly check your tyre pressures are maintained at the manufacturer’s recommended level. 

For example, Pure e-scooter riders who keep their tyre pressure at 40 PSI are less likely to get punctures than riders with a lower PSI.  

Not sure how to inflate your tyres? Its quick, simple and easy! Just follow the steps in this section of our pre-ride check video

You can usually find the required pressures for different models stamped on the sidewall of the tyres. 

Rough roads, sharp objects, tyre wear and excess load can all lead to punctures. But keeping your tyres topped up will make it harder for sharp objects to enter the tyre, prevent pinch flats and allow puncture prevention fluid (if you have it installed) to work at its best.



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