Is it possible to test ride an e-bike?

Yes, it is possible to test ride an e-bike in our showrooms. If you know in advance you would like to take a specific e-bike on a test ride, please call your local branch to discuss this with them. If they have the e-bike or a similar one in stock they will be able to charge this in time for your arrival.

To find your nearest showroom, you can use our showroom locator: Our Showrooms.

You can book your test ride online here: Book a Test Ride

Once you arrive in the showroom for a test ride, a staff member will take some details from you including a name, contact number and email address. They will also request a form of ID, and a 50p card deposit will be taken before you head out. This is refundable and you will be sent an email receipt. The email receipt will offer you a £20 voucher against an e-bike if you choose to purchase.

If you are comfortable doing so, then you can test ride the bike alone. Alternatively, we do offer assisted test rides.

Our staff can also provide you with some local routes and directions to best test the e-bike.

Assisted test rides

Our assisted test rides are great for many reasons:

  • If you’re not familiar with the area
  • If you haven’t ridden a bike in a while and would prefer some company
  • If you have a disability and would be more comfortable with a member of staff accompanying you
  • If you are undecided between e-bikes a staff member can take the other model and you can swap over on the ride

We do recommend that you bring your own helmet.

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