Business to Business enquiry

If you have a business to business enquiry, please email with your business plan attached and it will be passed on to the relevant department.

If you have a drop-ship enquiry please include:

  • Name of retailer:
  • Retail category:
  • Contact:
  • Which brands are you interested in? :
  • Online / Store / Both? :
    • If online, which territories? :
    • If online, URL:
    • If a store, where is it based? :
  • Confirm no marketplace (i.e. eBay, Amazon etc):
  • Business Model - Dropship or stock? :
    • If drop-ship, how do you propose to add value to the brands, your service and marketing plans etc.? :
  • What are your USPs? :
  • Do you have workshop capabilities? :
  • How long have you been trading? :
    • If new, when do you launch? :
  • What brands do you carry already? :
    • Or have signed up if new? :
  • Volume forecast:
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