Returning a faulty item

We're so sorry to hear you have a fault with your item!
We get it - this is holding you back from enjoying your purchase that you've made with us - it's not the experience we want you to have at all!

Our rider support team are on hand to help you! 
All you need to do is fill out our super quick and easy online contact form here:

Make sure you include relevant information such as:

  • Any error codes on your scooter’s display screen 
  • Any error information on the app 
  • What happened when the error occurred 
  • What the fault is
  • Your order number - leaving this out can delay us in helping you!
  • Optional: Any photos of videos of the fault (This helps us solve your problem faster)

We’re really sorry this has come up. But we’re hopeful it’s just a quick fix so we can get you back in action again quickly. 



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