Connecting to e-bike Apps

Some e-bikes have companion apps that enable you to activate features on your bike from within your smartphone, they may also enable you to track your rides, check your speed or mileage, and control your lights. Your manual will confirm if there is a companion app you can download.

  1. First, you’ll need to download the relevant app from your app store. We always recommend the official brand app. Although third party apps may work, using the manufacturer provided app is the best way to ensure the correct support.
  2. Once downloaded, make sure that your Bluetooth connection is switched on and you’re not paired to another device. Most e-scooters will require Bluetooth 4.0 or higher.
  3. Turn on your e-scooter. You should be able to see it pop up on your list of devices to connect to. If this doesn’t occur, you may need search for the e-scooter via the app.
  4. If this doesn’t do the trick, it might be worth checking the e-scooter is giving out a Bluetooth signal, using a Bluetooth signal checker.

These can also be downloaded from your app store:

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