Where can I get spare parts?

Interested in repairing your Pure e-scooter?
Pure Electric believes in supporting all our riders in being able to do simple fixes on their Pure e-scooters. And a lot of the part replacements are often simple and easy, requiring only your time and a few tools. To support all our riders, we've built a page containing many spare parts, often asked for by our community.

Find the Pure e-scooter spare parts portal here

Looking for a alternate spare parts for your e-bike or non-Pure e-scooter? 
We try to stock a large range of parts from other e-scooter brands and bikes online, unfortunately it is not possible to stock parts for every model we sell however we will do our best to help you find the part required should we not have it in stock. If you’re after a specific part, please check our website for spares.

Looking for some advice from our team?
We’re on hand to help you get back on the road quickly.

If you have any questions relating to spare parts, all you need to do is:

Fill out our super quick and easy
online contact form here:

Optional: Please include:

  • Your order number 
  • Any photos of videos of the error (This helps us solve your problem faster)

Hopefully we can help you very soon!

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